Growth of FMS (Facility Management Services) Industry

The Concept of globalization and privatization has forced companies to face keen competition and bring expertise in its own field of work. Thus arises the need of out-sourcing the supportive functions or non-core activities like transportation and house keeping services. Hence, a wide scope to clutch on the new filed of industry and provide specialize services to corporate clients.

How FMS Software does provides full support services to FMS business?

1. FMS companies have clients to endow with services spread over large geographical region. Depending  IT Support Services upon the scale of business one carry out, could go unto national level to. As centralizing reporting process is considered to be an vital feature for continues enhancement process and combat intense competition.

2. FMS Software solution which is web-enabled makes the task simplified, Accessible and organized than ever before.

3. Web-Enabled software makes the registering, reporting and analytical process centralize, effective and handy.

An effective tool that can be used in promotional and business development department.

4. Makes house keeping services quicker and provides better communication between clients and house keeping staff at every facility.

5. Permission controlled system maintains transparency within Inc.

SaaS (Software as a Service)
SaaS concept is fast catching up among the SMEs as there is huge potential of reducing cost and risks associated with implementation of any business application.

In SaaS the software is provided as a hosted solution on the internet which has the following advantages

1. Nothing to install and no hardware requirements to keep up with and maintain.

2. Bug fixing and Upgrades are taken care of automatically.

3. Backups are done automatically.

4. Deployment is simple – you are up and running in minutes instead of days! No installation required. Only a internet connection and you can start using the system.

5. SaaS scales easily to match your organization’s growth pattern. You don’t have to hold and pay today for what you think you’ll need tomorrow. Users have instant, secure access to critical data 24/7/365 regardless of where they are physically located.

Cost Savings:

* Capital Expenditure:

* Zero Hardware (Storage space)

* Zero Setup

Operating Cost:

* Zero Hardware Maintenance

* Zero Personnel

* Zero IT facilities

Pricing Models:

1. In SaaS one can buy the software for a one time cost and the recurrence cost will only be the support and hosting charges.

2. The other famous model is to go for per user per month/Year basis. This considerably helps to reduce the risk of the buyer in case he doesn’t find the software according to his expectation and wants to discontinue using it. Also the company pays for the software as and when it grows rather than investing in the software beforehand. But this is generally more expensive as compared to the one time price paid.

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