Mastering Alpha Brainwaves Will Release the Power of Your Mind

Alpha brainwaves are the connection between the high consciousness state of Beta and the entrance to the subconscious level of Theta. Alpha is a state of relaxation but also a level of alertness. They are the dominant brainwaves and are typically the strongest. Being able to put one’s self into the alpha brainwave range can enable a person to improve many facets of their lives. When a person is in the higher state of Beta, he is usually agitated, stressed, and unable to clearly see solutions to problems.

As the old saying goes; “he’s wound up  alphabuildersanddevelopers a little too tight”. The alpha range allows a person to find solutions more easily. It just somehow comes to them when they are more relaxed. It’s in the beta state when a writer is experiencing a mental “block” for example and can’t find the way out of the forest. Problem-solving is much easier in alpha. Creative people are better able to put themselves into alpha and come up with solutions that are more original than normal. Writers and artists are examples of people who function more in the alpha range. A person will be more emotional stable in alpha. They will not overreact in stressful situations and will better able to maintain a calm state of mind. Professional athletes exhibit higher occurrences of alpha than novices and amateurs.

Studies have shown that athletes are better able to put themselves in the “zone” when playing and get superior results. Health is improved with alpha brainwaves. It is well known that stress and anxiety are harmful to the immune system and can lead to health problems. Since alpha is a relaxed state of mind, less harmful chemicals such as epinephrine and cortisol are released into the body and health can be improved. If you would like to improve your general well-being and outlook on life, experience more alpha brainwaves each day. The benefits are enormous. One of the ways to induce the alpha state of mind is to meditate. However, learning to meditate effectively can take a lot of learning and practice. One method to speed up this process is to meditate while listening to soothing music such as classical, New Age, or nature sounds embedded with binaural beats. Binaural beats are a form of brain entrainment that can more easily coax your brain into the alpha range. All you have to do is put yourself in a comfortable situation free of distractions. You will feel the results fairly quickly.

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Jim is a management consultant and help individuals and business owners with stress management, improving performance, motivation, building confidence, and eliminating addictions.

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