Robot Guide – Least Costly Robots

Gone are the days when robots would cost you an arm and a leg. You can now buy robots for a lot less money that are a blast to have around the house. How cheap am I talking about? How about less than $30! These fun bots are loads of fun around the house.

The first of our cheap yet chintzy robots is called the Idog and is promoted as a robotic pooch. roboticsengineeringandgameplay It looks pretty odd, actually. One reviewer said it resembles “a collision between a bag of marshmallows and a cell phone, with vague canine overtones.”

Even though this dog is not made to look or act like a real dog, it is still lots of fun for the kids. You feed this dog with music. The robotic dog, after hearing the music, will wiggle its ears and sway its head to the music. It will also blink its eyes to the music you feed it. Eventually, according to the manufacturers, it will develop a personality depending on what type of music you have been feeding it.

Another fun and inexpensive robot is called “Shooter Bots – The Game”. This robot is a lot of fun if you or your kids are into shooter games. Basically, the way this robot works is that the robot comes after you and tries to shoot you with its lazer. You have to shoot the robot before it shoots you. The robot does not actually know to come after you. What happens is that the gun you have to shoot the robot with has a tracking device inside it that the robot follows. It is a brilliant concept. Reviewers reported hiding behind a couch only to have the robot bounce its lazer off a reflective object to hit them.

Another inexpensive robot is the mini-Roboraptor from WowWee Robotics. This little raptor robot will autonomously roam around your house and check your stuff out. It seems to be curious and really does seem like it is intelligent.

Another affordable robot is a robotic arm. Robotic arms are not full robots, they are just an arm with a claw at the end. You can program them to pick something up, swivel, then put it back down. While it does not sound like much, it really is interesting. Robotic arm kits are usually more educational than other robot kits.

This list is of the most popular selling robots for under $30. With the science of robotics continuing to evolve and the price of computer chips dropping, more and more robots will continue to fall under $30 which is great for consumers.

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