The Basics for Email Marketing – How to Write a Catchy Email

The goal of email marketing is this: “Your message needs to stand out from all the other emails inside the inbox, so it can get opened and read”.

It’s a battlefield in there.

I’m not talking about the loud and explosive battlefield. It’s an eyeball and mind game battlefield. When your subscriber’s log into their email accounts they are instantly bombarded with bullets (“From” lines), explosions korporacjabiznesowa (Subject lines), armor-piercing tank shells (content) and nuclear explosions (Calls To Action). O.K. the analogies of war might sound a little extreme to you, but don’t let it fool you. It’s serious business inside each subscribers inbox and there are supreme email marketing tacticians that are dominating the fight.

If you focus on the 4 basic foundations of email marketing then you’ll be better equipped and better prepared than the person who jumps in with guns blazing.

Basic foundation #1: The “From” line — Ignored by many professional email marketers as well as armatures, normally because, “they don’t know what they don’t know”. Imagine this, you open your inbox and all of your emails are “From”: Virus123, Blank, Spyware On Your Computer, and XXX. Would you open any those?

Probably not, unless you have a thing for inviting viruses, spyware, pornography, and other mysterious things on your computer. What I’m trying to illustrate is that your subscribers need to recognize “Who” these emails are coming “from”.

Your “From” line needs to contain recognizable names. Whether that’s a brand name or brand specific email addresses. I’m sure you’ve received an email from someone you didn’t recognize like “John Smith” and you asked yourself, “Who in the world is that?” Your action for that email was most likely one of these two responses: “Delete” or “Spam” button push.

If your subscribers know that your writing them an email then it will increase your chances of getting it read.

Basic Foundation #2: The Subject line — Subject lines can say anything ranging from “Here’s your receipt” to “Open Me, Please”. The key is writing the best subject line for that particular email, and that particular audience. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula for subject line creation like there used to be back in the early 90’s (where almost all emails were opened). Now a days it’s a battle of wits, and knowing your audience. It takes real work. Subject lines have to stand out in the inbox and pull interest.

I’ll share some little insights to help make your subject line creation process a little bit easier.

First: Know your audience! If you’re emailing businesses than use words and descriptions that intrigue businesses. If you’re emailing surfers then use words that relate to them. For example I read one subject line from a surfing clothes retailer that said, “Holy Ship!” See how they play with their audience and know what would intrigue their audience. Do the same with your subject lines.

Second: Don’t over punctuate! Punctuation is great and helps get the point across, but don’t over use it. One exclamation mark will do just as well as fifteen. Keep this in mind, the exclamation mark is the most overused punctuation mark in subject lines. I recommend you try to limit their use.


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