Use Private Label Bottled Water

Advertising dollars have been traditionally hard to manage and a major advertising program can be hugely expensive, often with disappointing results. Media and print advertising campaigns tend to be long, drawn out affairs that only larger businesses can undertake.

The question often arises then as to how to best manage valuable advertising funds and one way is through the use of private label bottles water.

Private label bottled water offers a way of creating a focused, brand promoting message that increases word of mouth referrals. Word of mouth referrals are a tremendous Designer bottles uk source of business, particularly for the small to medium sized business.

What is so Powerful About Private Labeled Bottled Water?

Private label bottled water allows the creation of a focused, laser like message that is attached to a quality bottle of water. The message is often passes from one customer to another and creates word of mouth advertising. The message can be as clear as necessary to promote the overall brand image, support a specific event or promotion and can be changed to take advantage of new opportunities.

An Effective Message Requires Quality

A quality message on a poor quality bottle with a substandard label results in a poor quality message. There is no substitute for quality and many low quality bottle labelers have gone out of business. The market is quite clear on this point.

Experience in Label Design

Label design is the essence of creating a powerful message and this should not be left to amateurs. It takes training and experience to design a label that is attractive and informative. Those suppliers of private label bottled water who have dedicated label designers provide significant value added to the label message.

Economies of Scale

Some bottle labelers offer quantity discount on both product and freight and these economies of scale result in value add to the customer. This results in a low per bottle cost and is extremely cost effective.

The return on investment from a focused private labeled bottled water campaign can be high. Consider a label campaign as a way to increase your overall advertising effectiveness.

Jon M. Stout is Chairman of the Board of Element H2O an Ultra Pure bottled water company located in Chantilly, Virginia. For more information about bottled water or private label bottled water [] go to the Element H2O website.

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